Why Olivia Munn Was Never a Threat to Nick and Jess’s New Girl Romance

NEW GIRL: Nick (Jake Johnson, L) meets a tough and beautiful customer (guest star Olivia Munn, R) at the bar in the
Jake Johnson and Olivia Munn in New Girl. Photo: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

With New Girl fans still running around in mind-blown circles after last week’s kiss between Nick and Jess, Nick’s three-episode relationship with Olivia Munn’s wild stripper Angie earlier this year has been quickly forgotten. This writer bumped into Munn at a Super Bowl mansion party yesterday and seized the chance to ask why Angie so abruptly ran out on him after his absinthe-fueled confession that they could work as a couple. Did the writers realize they had to start hooking up the roomies ASAP, so they manically started clearing out the competition? No, apparently the decision was far more practical than romantic. “I had to finish doing New Girl so I could start the second season on Newsroom,” Munn explained. “In the TV world, one ends and we just have to end it abruptly. The schedule’s backed up so that’s a way to tie it up quickly.”

Munn was noncommittal about whether her character would return, but it sounds like she would be upset if she were asked to return and endanger the developing romance. “I actually love Jess and Nick together,” she said. “So I think I was kind of secretly a fan mole inside the show pushing them together.” Well, at least she’s now free to embark on her own will-they-won’t-they between her Newsroom character Sloan Sabbith and Thomas Sadoski’s Don Keiffer. Except in that case, instead of playing True American, maybe they can hook up while arguing about why liberals are the true Americans.

Olivia Munn, Never a Threat to the New Girl Kiss