One Direction Made a Selfie ‘One Way or Another’ Video for Charity

For the Americans among you: Comic Relief is a British charity that (among other efforts) sponsors Red Nose Day, a telethon with skits and music that usually involve celebrities wearing foam clown noses. This year’s charity single (charity cover, really) comes to you from One Direction, who, as explained in the introduction, decided to save good money by shooting a “One Way or Another” video themselves. The result: a selfie montage, complete with airport twirling antics; bathtub shots (1D is still not shying away from that homoeroticism); a “Teenage Kicks” interlude; wholesome dancing with underprivileged African children; actual boy-band choreography in a London park; and, hand to God, a cameo from Prime Minister David Cameron. As always, it is incredibly likable, because “charm” is One Direction’s major skill and they are very good at selling it. Don’t fight it.

One Direction Made a Selfie Video for Charity