oscars 2013

Adele, MVP Laugher Charlize, Renee Zellweger (?), and More Oscar GIFs

And there you have it folks: the 85th Academy Awards! There will be plenty to talk about for eons to come — Seth MacFarlane; yay or nay? — but until then, we have GIFs. GIFs of Jack Nicholson looking around in a panic, GIFs of Quevenzhané Wallis flexing, GIFs of Hugh Jackman lifting people off their feet. Oh, Oscars, we sure did have a time.

That person next to Richard Gere is technically Renee Zellweger.

The new George Burns and Gracie Allen?

It’s me, Jack Nicholson, and I am 100 percent on the ball right now!


“Goooold … FINGah!

Kristen Stewart is limping because all of Anne Hathaway’s wishes come true.

“You’re all amazing!” No, no, Adele. You’re all amazing.

Charlize Theron: Good dancer, great laugher.

The hills are alive with the sound of this joke bombing.

Ang Lee’s wife Jane Lin, showing us all how to make 30 years of marriage work. (It’s by being awesome.)

What is the sound of one CGI bear clapping?

Adele, Charlize, Zellweger, and More Oscar GIFs