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This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Oscar Edition!

Actresses Jennifer Lawrence (L) and Kristen Stewart arrive at the Oscars held at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

We usually run our “This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes” feature on Fridays, but after an Oscar weekend stuffed so full of all-time-best Lawrence bon mots, who could wait another day? We assume that you’ve already seen Lawrence’s Academy Award acceptance speech, her awesome backstage banter, and that terrific Jack Nicholson encounter (and if not, what are you waiting for?), so we found twelve other J. Law quotes from the past week, many delivered on the Oscar red carpet, that deserve some time in the spotlight, too. Savor every bit, because this is the last sustained burst of press from Lawrence that we’re likely to get until Catching Fire opens this November. It’s been fun, hasn’t it?

Here’s what Jennifer Lawrence yearns for:
Lawrence has several films lined up now that the Oscars are over, but if she gets even a little bit of time off, she has a plan. “I want to sit on my couch and drink and not change my pants for days at a time,” she told E!’s Marc Malkin. “Don’t ask me about my schedule because I’m sinking into a bit of depression.” In fact, she’s completely in the dark about the X-Men sequel she’ll be filming soon. “I haven’t read the script yet. I haven’t had 30 minutes. They literally gave me the script and I was like, ‘I can’t read this until Monday.’”

What does Lawrence appreciate most about fame?
“I like the financial security because I know how hard it is for so many people who struggle to earn a living,” she told Britain’s Mirror. “I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about money and I can live very freely and do something I love and get paid very well to do it. I tell my friends to slap me if they ever think I’m getting full of myself.”

Before the Oscars, was Lawrence wishing for a win?
“For my career, I hope, knock on wood, that it happens, but I don’t have a personal interest in it,” she told the Mirror. “I’m not going to cry myself to sleep if it doesn’t happen, I’m still going to be happy. I’m still going to have my friends and I will be fine. It’s just, will I get promoted or not?”

She is exceedingly modest over those Dior campaign photos:
Fashion bloggers have spent the whole week raving over Lawrence’s very editorial looks in the new Miss Dior campaign, but when Access Hollywood presented Lawrence with the glossies on the Oscar red carpet, she said that it was her first time seeing the shots, then confessed, “That doesn’t look like me at all. I love Photoshop more than anything in the world! Of course it’s Photoshop, people don’t look like that! Are you kidding?” What about that high-fashion pose with her hand over her chest? “I was having chest pains. Photoshop made it glamorous.”

What’s in your Oscar purse, Jennifer Lawrence?
“Candy, almonds, my phone, a Baby Ruth, Laffy Taffy,” Lawrence recited to Access Hollywood. “They don’t have any food here. I’m really hungry … I might have somebody run to McDonald’s.”

In fact, she eventually did just that:
“I can see the McDonalds right there [across the street],” Lawrence moaned once she moved on to MTV. Luckily, she had a publicist ready to place a fries order for her. “And you have to remind them about ketchup, because they never include ketchup!” said Lawrence. “You have to ask for it. Cheapskates!” Later, she explained, “Ketchup on French fries is a classic, and today is a classic day.”

She is good friends with Emma Stone:
When E!’s Ryan Seacrest asked Lawrence to present her nails for the channel’s “mani-cam,” Lawrence came prepared. “Hang on, I told Emma Stone that I’d do this,” she laughed, eventually shouting into the mani-cam, “Your ass is mine, Stone!”

Here are two co-stars she is not having an affair with:
“My publicist told me that a magazine was going to say I was having a thing with either Sam Claflin or Bradley Cooper, and I got to choose. And I chose Bradley Cooper because I love Sam’s fiancée so much,” Lawrence told MTV. “[Sam is] so sweet. So sweet that he’s almost not hot anymore.”

Still, she is taking care of Bradley Cooper in the romance department:
“I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is setting him up,” Lawrence said to MTV. “I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna save time and just get you a booklet with pictures of my friends. You just go through and pick them out, because this is getting exhausting.’”

There is a downside to collecting all these awards:
“I actually have a significant fear of speaking in front of large groups of people, so every time they call my name, there’s like that one moment of ‘Yay, I won!’ [followed by] ‘Oh, I have to go up there,’” Lawrence told MTV. “And if I’m walking up there wearing a short dress, you can see my kneecaps are, like, jumping up and down. I start shaking. I feel like I’m walking towards the gallows to get my head cut off or something.”

Another downside: Leaving someone out of your speech.
Lawrence was charming onstage while picking up her Oscar, but once she made her way to the Governors Ball, she realized that she had made a huge mistake.”I forgot to thank Harvey Weinstein, so that’s the end of my career, but it’s been amazing, it’s been fun,” she told Extra. Luckily, the reporter gave Lawrence the opportunity to turn to the camera and give Weinstein a make-good. “Thank you, Harvey. I love you,” Lawrence cooed. “You’re still my little rascal!”

She was not initially aware that Hugh Jackman came to her aid when she tripped on the Oscar steps:
“He did?” a stunned Lawrence said to Access Hollywood after learning this important fact. “Are you lying to me? Oh my God, and it’s on-camera?” Later, Lawrence explained to Entertainment Tonight how she had missed the assist from Wolverine, saying, “I didn’t know because I was so in my cloud of, like, ‘I want to die.’ I had no idea. That actually fixes the whole moment.” She was in even better spirits when she recounted the story to Extra: “Anybody who makes fun of me [for falling], I’m just gonna go, ‘Yeah, and then I got touched by Hugh Jackman.’”

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