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Beyoncé’s Life Is But a Dream Quotes As Inspirational Posters

Last night, HBO aired Life Is But a Dream, the highly anticipated Beyoncé documentary directed by none other than Beyoncé. We laughed (when Jay and Bey sang Coldplay to each other). We cried (when Bey talked about her miscarriage). But mostly, we sat there feeling inadequate while Beyoncé danced around like a maniac in high-heeled suede boots. Thankfully, the documentary also follows Beyoncé’s spiritual journey, and Queen Bey had plenty of life-affirming wisdom to share with the people. So, if you, like Vulture, are in need of motivation, here are some Life Is But a Dream inspirational posters, featuring the words of Beyoncé herself. There’s one for every occasion — even childbirth! Print them out. Save them as wallpaper. Tattoo them on your soul.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out by commenters that “I’m an artist and sensitive about my shit” is in fact an Erykah Badu maxim cited by Beyoncé. Hopefully she will make sure that any proceeds from the poster are shared with Badu, as one would with a songwriter of a covered song.

Print Vulture’s Inspirational Beyoncé Posters