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Ranking The Walking Dead Characters by Whom We Want to Die Quickest

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Before the beginning of the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we went through the cast and decided whom we wanted to live and die. This was before the show improved, so deep down, we kind of wanted everyone to get zombified. Some of our death prayers were answered (sorry, T-Dog — not sorry, Lori), and since the improvements, we have actually ended up changing our minds about some of the survivors. With the second half of the season starting Sunday at 9 p.m., we felt it best to reexamine our death wishes. Here is an updated ranking of whom we want to live, in descending order: favorite character on top, person who we will personally eat if they stick around much longer on the bottom.

(From top to bottom: Whom we most want to live to whom we most want to die)

Daryl Dixon
Obviously, Double-D is generally considered the best character, but more than that, this ranking reflects the feeling that he might actually get killed this season. Not only did we last see him supposedly about to fight his brother to the death, but also the appearance of Tyreese at the jail (see below) might mean Daryl’s role in the group is no longer needed. We really hope Daryl and his crossbow make it through. 

We don’t know tons about Tyreese, but in his one appearance, when he and his troupe of survivors arrived at the jail in the mid-season finale, he instantly seemed better than basically every other character on the show. (Plus, his Wire credentials as having played Cutty reflexively get him a pass.) To have a character that is super intimidating and not extremely cynical will be refreshing. 

The Governor
Shows need bad guys, and the Governor is a great one. (He even wears an eye patch.) He’s the perfect mix of southern, cool, and completely out of his mind. 

Before the first half of the season, we suggested the show just put Carol out of her misery, but then she hit on Daryl and became the sexiest person left on Earth. 

Hershel Greene
Herschel is greatly injured, fairly disenchanted, and pretty old. He should die. Which is exactly why we don’t want him to. Keep us guessing, TWD. 

Judith Grimes
Call us softies, but we just don’t want to see a little baby eaten by zombies. We would like to continue sleeping through the night. 

Rick Grimes
They can’t kill Rick … but what if they did kill Rick? Sure, Rick has grown on us, but it might be worth it, if only because it would be a ballsy as hell move. 

We want Michonne to be great and the best, we really do, but we haven’t seen it yet. For all the hype about her, she’s been kind of annoying, one-note scowly, and particularly irrational. We don’t want her to die just yet, but maybe soon. 

Maggie Greene
Maggie is kind of the middle point between people we want to die and people we want to live. We’ll be fine either way. 

Glenn Rhee
Glenn’s a good guy. We like Glenn. But shows like TWD sometimes need to kill off beloved characters. So, if it has to happen, we’d rather it be Glenn than Daryl. 

Merle Dixon
Screw Merle. Bad guys are important, but ones who are completely evil, like Merle, get tiresome. Give him a couple of episodes of doing some bad stuff and then have some zombies eat his face. 

Carl Grimes
Just the fact that Carl isn’t last on this list says something. His character has improved a great deal. As he gets more vicious and cold, we might actually grow to like him. 

Beth Greene
Carl’s transformation would only be hastened if Beth gets killed. She is nice and all, but ultimately unnecessary. 

Before the season started, we said that Andrea should live because of the potential of her friendship with Michonne. As we saw, she was only a detriment to Michonne. Sorry, Governor — she’s got to go. 

He can have one more scene where he is a creep, but that’s it.   

Tyreese’s Crew
The cast is big enough. Also, their deaths will put vengeance in Tyreese’s heart. 

Milton Mamet
There is something about this guy; you just want to see him ripped apart by zombies. Maybe it’s his thin glasses frames or how smug he was about that zombie remembering things from when he was alive. Maybe he won’t die in the next episode or the episode after, but when he does, zombie-cheers will heard across northern Georgia. (They’ll sound like: “Brain brains brain brains: Brai-brai BRA-INS! Brai-brai BRA-INS! Brai-Brai BRA-INS!)

Ranking Walking Dead Characters We Want to Die