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James Franco’s Spring Breakers Muse Has Some Concerns

Photo: Facebook

James Franco was very quick to correct the public: His Spring Breakers character is not based on Riff Raff but another Florida rapper named Dangeruss. Wouldn’t you know it, Dangeruss is now giving Spring Breakers–related interviews, and he sees the original resemblance, too. “The way James’ appearance is in the movie, you can’t really dispute that that’s kind of Riff Raff’s style. Had it been based on me completely, 100%, James wouldn’t have dressed like that.” He goes on: “[Franco] got the braids, I got dreads, I got big dumb dreads, dreads is a whole — you know, dreads is a lion in the jungle type shit. He had braids, which is like a deer. His appearance, I can’t take credit for that, and I wouldn’t want to.” Dangeruss is also a little concerned about the authenticity of the movie, based on Franco’s apparel: “A lot of it has to do with the way he was dressed in the movie. You would never catch a gangster dressing like that.” But he loves James, so he’s gonna see how it goes.

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