Ricky Gervais Is Reviving David Brent for a Mini-Episode ‘The Office Revisited’

Here’s the trailer for The Office Revisited, a short that Ricky Gervais made in which he’ll bring back his character David Brent so we can see what his life is like 10 years later. Brent is now working a lowly job in the music industry while trying to get his music career back on track. You can watch a longer (non embeddable) trailer on YouTube. The Office Revisited will debut on March 15th on Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day on BBC. Gervais will post the short on his YouTube channel that same day.

This is the only time he’s played Brent since The Office wrapped up in 2003 aside from a couple of guest spots on the US Office around the time of Steve Carell’s exit in 2011. The UK Office wrapped up so nicely and Brent had such a complete and satisfying character arc/ending that it seems risky to potentially mess that up, but I guess there’s no harm in it if he’s already brought the character back prior to this. How do you feel about Gervais going back and playing with his David Brent character?

Ricky Gervais Is Reviving David Brent for a […]