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Professional Drinker Rosie Schaap Tells Us Her 13 Favorite Movie Bar Scenes

Photo: LucasFilm

Rosie Schaap’s sharply written memoir, Drinking With Men, is a collection of scenes from the bars she frequented in different phases of her life. It’s a fairly cinematic approach, as the New York Times “Drink” columnist would readily admit. “Because I’ve been involved in bar life for so long, I’m always kind of sensitive to the way bars are depicted in movies,” she tells us. Too often, she believes, the bar setting is used as shorthand for rock bottom, as in Looking for Mr. Goodbar and It’s a Wonderful Life. (The latter may be a holiday classic, but “that bartender’s such a prick,” she says.) So what makes for a good bar scene? We had Rosie take us on a pub crawl through her thirteen favorites.

Rosie Schaap Tells Us Her Fav Film Bar Scenes