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See Every Single Outfit Olivia Pope Has Worn on Scandal Season Two

There’s much to love about Scandal, from its fiery romances to its nasty political maneuverings. And at the center of this wonderful craziness is Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope — gutsy, brilliant, and incredibly powerful. Also, she wears suits! Lots of suits, lots of separates, and all within a very limited color palette of white, gray, beige, greige, black, and the very rare glimpses of ultra-pale pastels. We see Olivia in white suits pretty often, but she’s more likely to be found in a gray suit or jacket this season, perhaps reflecting that she’s in a position of moral ambiguity. (Or maybe it just looks great.) Journey with us through every single thing we’ve seen Olivia Pope wear in the second season of Scandal, won’t you?

Update: Now with the rest of the outfits from the end of season two!

Every Outfit Olivia Has Worn on Scandal Season 2