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The New Star Wars Spinoffs Might Be About Young Han Solo, Boba Fett

Yesterday brought rumors that one of the stand-alone Star Wars movies would be about Yoda. Today it appears the other two will be about Boba Fett and a young Han Solo. Holy hell, dreams do come true. According to EW, the Han Solo movie would take place in between the prequels and the OG trilogy, making Han in his early twenties. Could this be the origin story of his relationship with Chewie? Dare we wish for so much? The Boba Fett movie would be set either between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, or between Empire and Return of the Jedi, which would at least mean lots of mentions of characters everyone already knows and loves. Neither film is a done deal just yet, so keep your blasters holstered for now.

Get Ready for a Star Wars About Young Han Solo