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Which Movie Had the Biggest Super Bowl Trailer?

Six blockbusters-to-be bought Super Bowl ad time on Sunday night, boasting their promises of enormity as briefly as possible. Here, Vulture gives the rundown on each new trailer and its accompanying massive moment.

Fast & Furious 6
What’s New:
 It’s our first look at this one, and everyone’s back — Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, Ludacris. There’s a tank, and there are cars built strictly to ruin people’s commutes.
Appetite for Destruction: An airplane gets yanked out of the sky, Vin Diesel drives a car through the nose of the airplane fast and furiously. (Spoiler alert: In Fast 7, they’re car-jumping to the moon.)

Iron Man 3
What’s New: This extended look starts with Robert Downey Jr. giving us his best Blue Steel, but it’s worth sticking around for the sight of Don Cheadle in the most patriotic suit of all time.
Appetite for Destruction: Never a series to be outdone by a car-racing franchise, Iron Man 3 trots out its version of Bane’s airplane-ruining stunt, as orchestrated by Ben Kingsley, a.k.a. Mandarin. It’s harrowing.

Star Trek Into Darkness
What’s New:
 So little time, so much Benedict Cumberbatch.
Appetite for Destruction: If Cumberbatch simply speaking isn’t classified as earth-shattering in your world, the U.S.S. Enterprise careening into our planet is, by definition, huge.

The Lone Ranger
What’s New: 
The third Lone Ranger trailer, standing tall at 90 seconds, is half-full of rehash from the first two clips. We do get a little peek at Armie Hammer’s love life and some Johnny Depp silliness beyond “something seriously wrong with that horse.”
Appetite for Destruction: A train smashes an old bridge, a train messes up a stage, a train car spins sideways, presumably derailing the whole rig.

Oz the Great and Powerful
What’s New: 
Every Oz spot so far has been sure to show us the black-and-white-switches-to-Technicolor moment so as to completely spoil any chance of rekindling that magic in theaters. This one’s got the same CG-heavy shots, but some Rachel Weisz and a new Wicked Witch of the West teaser. All set to Super Bowl-approved bombastic score.
Appetite for Destruction: A meteor smashes, an explosion explodes, plus … fireworks.

World War Z
What’s New: 
This one’s Super Bowl spot offered nothing the first trailer didn’t already make available. So consider yourself helpfully reminded that Brad Pitt has a family, Brad Pitt is married to The Killing’s Mireille Enos, and that the Z stands for zombies. (World War Zombies wasn’t as catchy.)
Appetite for Destruction: A car’s side mirror gets obliterated (BRUTAL traffic jam), Inception BRAAAAAHMS do their thing all over the place, CGI zombies run over all manner of terrain. And just to fit in with Fast 6 and Iron Man 3, airplane-oriented hijinx are glimpsed.

Which Movie Had the Biggest Super Bowl Trailer?