The New David Cross Movie Is Being Released in Looping, Six-Second Chunks on Vine For Some Reason

Social media! I’ve heard that it is the only way Teens get any info these days. And since SnapChat automatically deletes any video right when you watch it, the only logical alternative to releasing something socially is to use Vine, Twitter’s new “Instagram for video.” Sure, all videos are limited to six-second clips that loop forever, but I’m sure that’ll work for a 90-minute movie, right?

Well, we’ll find out, as It’s a Disaster, the new indie comedy directed by Todd Berger and starring David Cross, Julia Stiles and America Ferrera, is being released just like that today. And by “released,” I mean that someone is taping a TV showing the movie with their phone in tiny clips, and it is 100% unwatchable. Sure, it’ll hit VOD on March 5th and theaters on April 12th for “normal” viewing, but there’s nothing social about either of those, is there?

And to be clear, Vine can be used to put out comedy in a really fun way. But I’m not sure this is the best use of the new service.

The New David Cross Movie Is Being Released in […]