‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’ Video: David Bowie Heard You Think He and Tilda Swinton Look Alike

So David Bowie’s been perusing the Tumblr known as Tilda Stardust, “dedicated to the belief that Tilda and Bowie are one person.” The wonderful result is this video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” the second cut released from The Next Day, Bowie’s first album in a decade. It’s just as out-there as the clip for “Where Are We Now,” although the song is much more a swaggering rocker apt to bump people off the fence and firmly into “brb, pre-ordering the record” territory. And because this is the artist who created Ziggy Stardust, the clip features Saskia de Brauw and Andrej Pejíc, two models consistently paired with the word androgynous.

David Bowie Marries Tilda Swinton in New Video