‘Up All Night’ Creator Emily Spivey Finds a New Home at Fox

Emily Spivey, the creator of NBC’s troubled sitcom Up All Night who left the show last month, has already found a new gig at Fox. Spivey signed a  two-year deal with 20th Century Fox to develop new series and work on existing Fox shows. The deal brings Spivey home to Fox, where she began her career as a writer for MADtv and King of the Hill in 2001 before spending a decade on Saturday Night Live. Her first assignment at Fox is to serve as co-executive producer on the upcoming animated series Murder Police, which has an order for a 13-episode first season. The show follows an inept detective and his partner trying to solve serious crimes and comes from Family Guy’s David Goodman and newcomer Jason Ruiz. So, it’s basically an animated version of Up All Night, but if Christina Applegate and Will Arnett’s characters were cops and had to deal with gruesome crimes instead of raising their first kid.

‘Up All Night’ Creator Emily Spivey Finds a New Home […]