The Vampire Diaries Recap: Stefan vs. Damon, Round 6: There Is No Science Here to Save Us

The Vampire Diaries

Stand by Me
Season 4 Episode 15
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
The Vampire Diaries --

The Vampire Diaries

Stand by Me
Season 4 Episode 15
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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The Vampire Diaries has been a roller coaster since day one, but this season has been especially intense. The storytelling that we’ve barreled through in fifteen episodes is kind of remarkable. In fact, Elena becoming a vampire seems so long ago that we think we may stil have had braces. Which is why last night’s episode was so spectacular. The most devastating one of the season, to be sure (it might have been the best of the show to date), but also one of the least plot heavy. We lost Jeremy. Things have changed forever. And last night, we were given a moment to really feel that.

Also, Matt Donovan cried in his truck, so why would you even need a plot when that level of emotional truth is going on?

Stefan Is Trying to Express His Love Real Quick

  • The look on Stefan’s face when he saw Elena cradling Jeremy’s body reminded us of season two. Sometimes we get nostalgic and then we give points. Plus 5.
  • Stefan and Caroline can communicate entire LANGUAGES with a single glance. It’s beautiful. And when they actually talk sometimes it’s like they are simultaneously making sweet, sweet love to one another and committing to an eternity of solid, unyielding friendship. Steroline forever. Cough, what? Who just said that? Plus 12.
  • We have made an executive decision that occasionally when Caroline is awesome, Stefan will get points. We make the rules, okay? Plus 8 for her rant about casseroles. Remember when she first became a vampire and told Stefan “my entire personality is killing me?”
  • “I just. I want you to know that uh — “ Plus 30. Elena has lost her whole family, and now her brother, but Damon and Stefan still have each other, and last night, they realized how valuable their relationship is. If they had to burn the porch down, we’re psyched this was the last love scene we got out there.
  • “What if one day when this is all over you want to come home again?” That line, followed by the three of them walking outside as the house burned, was just metaphoric on so many levels. We loved that Stefan was the only one to glance back, too. That house represents a lot to all of them, but to Stefan and Elena the most, I will argue. It was where she lived as a human, where they fell in love, where he spent basically all of seasons one and two. That house was the home of their love story and it’s over now. We even liked the heavy-handedness of Elena’s diary burning as the final shot. RIP, Gilbert Pad. You kept basically no one out, but you were a safe haven for our hearts. Plus 30

Total: 85

Damon Just Needs to Talk to His Brother  

  • “Unless you’re a blonde, a Bennet witch, or a doppelgänger, I suggest you steer clear.”  Plus 4, although when has Damon ever been into blondes? Oh, wait …
  • Woah — it was weird when Rebekah asked Damon about Katherine because it made us realize those two (K and R) could have a very, very interesting history. No points, but we can’t wait to see what their dynamic is/was.
  • Plus 7 for Damon owning that island. He had a showdown with the new hunter, won the war against the elements, and still had great cell coverage. It was basically an AT&T/Tom’s Shoes commercial which, come to think of it, makes a lot of sense. We have suspected for quite some time that Ian and Blake might be the same person.
  • Damon and Rebekah teaming up deserves a plus 8. We love these two together. We have come to realize we’re really not choosy about who Rebekah shares screen time with, so long as she’s on. A lot.
  • It was sweet when we learned Damon was staying on the island because he knew Elena would need Bonnie. But, c’mon, Caroline is definitely her BEST friend, right? Plus 3.
  • “I could actually hug you right now.” And then he DID. Plus 18.
  • Okay. Damon compelled Elena to turn off her humanity. We do not think that is what Stefan meant when he said “help her,” but, who cares, it was amazing television. Plus 20. We also need to give points for Damon so clearly not wanting to invoke the sire bond (whatever the F that even is, at this point). His love and compassion for Elena was deeply evident last night. One thing about Damon: He does what needs to be done, no matter what. Plus another 9.
  • “I’m not enough. Not this time.” We’re looking forward to this new chapter of the love triangle, where Elena belongs to neither brother. Delena and Stelena both need to evolve. The more time that goes on, the more we realize how much we just want Damon and Stefan to be okay. Plus 20 in Damon’s category for “I know, Stefan.” That is the closest these two have ever gotten to saying “I love you,” and we’ll take it.

Total: 69 89

Bonus Points:

  • Shane is still here? Really? Why? Is he Silas now? Ugh, Minus 20
  • Plus 9 for the return of Meredith. She has such a lovely, calming presence, and we dig watching her and Paul Wesley try and pretend not to be in love.
  • When Matt saw Jeremy’s body and completely broke down, we lost it, too. This boy (and he is. He’s in high school) has had it really bad. He lost his girlfriend to a vampire, his sister died, basically both of his parents disappeared — what even happened to his mom, by the way? And now all of his friends are either immortal creatures or road kill. We just want to put our arms around him and hold him so close. Honestly, the fact that he’s been allowed to live almost seems cruel, at this point. BUT IF YOU KILL HIM WE WILL COME FOR YOU, SHOW. Plus 40 for Zach Roerig.
  • When Matt asked Elena to go with him we just wanted to add “AWAY FOREVER.” Remember when he tried to drive her out of town at the end of season three? Doesn’t sound like such a bad plan now, does it? Plus 10.
  • Matt telling Elena that it is okay to have hope made us literally drop to the floor. Again, why aren’t these two together? Plus 20.
  • Caroline was a wonderful voice of reason. She continues to be the bright light in all of this darkness. Plus 10.
  • We have known since the first moment of the first episode (we’re talking here about Degrassi) that Nina Dobrev was a phenomenal actress — but last night showcased her talents in a whole new way (don’t make that dirty). Elena has been through so much, and lost so many — everyone, really. Sometimes we rag on her because it’s fun and she has perfect hair, but the reality is that she is a broken girl whose life has been torn apart by death and despair. Everything about her performance — from Elena’s complete denial to her bargaining to the scene where she finally broke and poured gasoline all over the living room — was absolutely breathtaking. Plus 100.

Total: 169

This episode goes to one Ms. Nina Dobrev. Thanks for showing us how it’s done, girl.

We’re taking a little time off to regroup, but we’ll see you all back here in March. No humanity, and a house full of Salvatores? Let the new era of TVD dawn!

Until then, I’ll be here: @RebeccaASerle.

Vampire Diaries Recap: Stefan vs. Damon, Round 6