Watch Jackie Collins Play Vulture’s ‘Name That Famous Shirtless Hunk’ Game

Best-selling author and pop-cultur- obsessed tweeter Jackie Collins visited the Vulture offices recently to discuss her newest book, The Power Trip, with our own Julie Klausner. The book’s all about rich people hanging out on a yacht until Somali pirates ruin the vay-cay, and like much of Collins’s work, it’s filled with plenty of stories about hot people. As an expert (proven in her books and on her personal Pinterest page) on “smokin’ hot hunks,” we couldn’t resist quizzing her on the abs of famous men. Watch our video above and see how she does at identifying the celebrity hunk from just a shot of their torso and a few clues. (Also, make sure to download Julie’s weekly podcast “How Was Your Week?” or subscribe on iTunes.)

Video: Jackie Collins Knows Her Shirtless Hunks