oscars 2013

Watch Vulture’s Les Misérables Awards-Show Pronunciation Guide

Les Misérables was a player at every awards show this season, and the film, along with its cast and crew, is nominated for eight Academy Awards at Sunday’s Oscars, which means two things: plenty of cutaways to Anne Hathaway and a bunch of people pronouncing the title their own way. Truth be told, it’s not really a very difficult title (worst-case scenario, just go for the very simple Les Miz), and we’ve noticed awards-show presenters just love the chance to say it. Some give it a very prestigious “rahhb” from the backs of their throats, others go for a very Americanized “miz-er-rob,” while the Tina Feys and the Judd Apatows of the world accentuate the “-bles” for a long, drawn-out “-bleahh.” Watch our video for your very own guide to the many pronunciations of Les Misérables.

Video: Les Miz Pronunciation Guide