Watch Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, and Other Oscar Nominees Tell the Same Stories Over and Over

Some Oscar-nominated actors and actresses have been shilling their movies (and themselves) for so long it’s as though their press tours are on autopilot. They’ve got their scripted stories about how they prepared for a role or their silly personal moments they tell over and over. And even when they don’t default to those, interviewers constantly ask the same questions over and over — leaving us with interview déjà vu. Jennifer Lawrence had anecdotes about her awards-season flu. Hugh Jackman described again and again the details of his water dehydration diet for Les Misérables; Sally Field was repeatedly asked about how she had to “battle,” “battle,” “battle” Steven Spielberg for her role in Lincoln; and Bradley Cooper had to constantly deny an off-screen romance with his Silver Linings Playbook co-star. Watch their stories in our video below:

Watch Oscar Nominees Repeat the Same Stories