Vin Diesel Sings ‘Stay,’ Alone, for Valentine’s Day

First, and most important: Apologies if you clicked this link expecting a Vin Diesel cover of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay,” which will always and forever be the No. 1 “Stay” in our hearts. But no, Vin Diesel decided to cover the Rihanna song for his Valentine’s video, which was uploaded to Facebook at 10:47 last night with very little explanation. As best we can tell, Vin Diesel spent his romantic evening standing alone in the corner singing along to a music video on a karaoke machine. Does Vin Diesel have a basement karaoke room? Or did this happen in public? Is someone filming, or does he have a tripod for these sorts of situations? Please inform. (And enjoy. He’s not bad!)

Vin Diesel Sings ‘Stay’ for Valentine’s Day