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Vulture Has Found a Copy of Robin Sparkles’s Long-Lost Greatest-Hits CD

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother offered viewers the fourth (and possibly final) installment in the show’s long-running Robin Sparkles saga. Thanks to some snooping from Barney, we discovered that Robin eventually shed her pop-princess image for a foray into nineties (Canadian) grunge as Robin Daggers. Now, with some help from the archivists at the HIMYM offices, Vulture has uncovered the liner notes for the long-out-of-print 1998 CD Robin Sparkles’s Greatest Hits!!! (sold exclusively at Tim Hortons, of course). Click the cover to see all of Robin’s thank-yous, extensive production credits, and the titles to some heretofore unknown musical blockbusters. And don’t moose all the jellies, eh!

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Vulture Uncovers the Lost Robin Sparkles CD, Eh!