Exclusive Video: Watch a Three-Minute Preview of Futurama’s Seventh Season

Last week, we reported back to you from the “Futurama Live” show at San Francisco Sketchfest and told you about a three-minute highlight reel that offered a thorough and exciting preview of the show’s upcoming seventh season (its second on Comedy Central). Well, you can now see that reel, and it has everything a Futurama fan would want and a bit more. The whole cast is back doing silly space things: Fry, Leela, the Professor, Bender, Zoidberg, a second Zoidberg (?), and even a sighting of Fry’s beloved dog. The show is set to return sometime this summer — until then, we can only imagine why Fry has rainbow teeth. (Is it the future’s version of nail art?)

Watch a Preview of Futurama’s Seventh Season