Watch Comedy Central’s New Shows ‘Nathan for You’ and ‘The Ben Show’ Right Now

Comedy Central has two new shows debuting two weeks from today on February 28th, but the network just put the first episode of each one online today. The first new show is Nathan for You, a “docu-reality” series that stars Nathan Fielder (Jon Benjamin as a Van) as himself, using his business degree to help small business in absurd ways. In the premiere episode, which you can watch here, he offers his services to a yogurt shop and a pizzeria. The other new program is The Ben Show, a sketch show/man-on-the-street/hidden camera hybrid that stars Ben Hoffman (InfoMania, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald) as he navigates a different life journey each week. The first episode (watch it here) revolves around Hoffman buying a gun and surprisingly wasn’t scrapped in light of all the terrible stuff that happened this past year. Watch an episode of both of these shows now so that by the time they premiere in two weeks, you can be watching something that premieres two weeks after that.

Watch Comedy Central’s New Shows ‘Nathan for You’ and […]