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10 Things Hal on Malcolm in the Middle Did That Walter White Never Would

Today’s Sitcom Smackdown eliminated Malcolm in the Middle, but no conversation about that show would be complete without a trip down Hal-memory lane. Bryan Cranston is so iconically Walter White from Breaking Bad at this point that it’s almost hard to picture him as the silly, high-strung father of five. Walter White does plenty of stuff Hal would never consider — murder people, for example — but it turns out Hal does plenty of things outside Heisenberg’s comfort zone, too.

Tough to picture WW buying sequins.

Walter spends a lot of time gazing at himself in the mirror, but he never seems delighted by it.

Would Walter make a blood oath? Perhaps. But he would never wear a Cosby sweater.

Hal loves washing the car. (Well, this car.) Walter White owns a car wash, but gets absolutely zero joy from it.

Hal’s talking about cutting down a tree. But Walter wouldn’t even share that with Walt Jr.

AH! Spider! Walter White fears nothing.

Hal went to traffic school. (Comedy traffic school, in fact.) Seems unlikely that Walt would care too much about points on his license.

Walt probably doesn’t even listen to Queen.

Kitchen knives? Those are for amateurs.

Sorry, Skyler.

10 Things Hal Did That Walter White Never Would