A Funny Thing: Adam Wade and Peter Aguero Tag Team Their Pants

Our story this week: The narratorial tag team of Adam Wade and Peter Aguero form the beast with two butts to double down on the old number two. It’s a poop story, okay? Two poop stories. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had the story of comedian wrestling with the urge to contextualize her own abuse? Well, now we’re doing poop stories.

Peter Aguero is a storyteller and general bon vivant about town. You can find him at The Comedy Bar on the 22nd playing with the BTK Band, and telling stories at Bare (true stories with burlesque (naked people)) March 31st at the Red Room, both in New York. Adam Wade, friend of the show and MOTH Grandslam champion forty times over, hosts the Tales of the Cosmos storytelling show at the UCBeast, amongst other things about which you may read at adamwade.com. The next Tales of the Cosmos on April 19th has a surprise All Star line-up. You’re gonna wanna buy tickets here.

Photo by Spencer Ritenour.

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A Funny Thing: Adam Wade and Peter Aguero Tag Team […]