‘Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton Is Soliciting Scripts on Twitter

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star/co-creator Glenn Howerton fired off a tweet today asking fledgling writers to send him scripts. Here’s the tweet:

Got a great feature length screenplay? Send to IASIP 10201 W PICO BLVD BUILDING 41 SUITE 300 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90064-2651

While it seems like most established TV and movie writers are constantly avoiding reading bad scripts from desperate struggling writers, Howerton is welcoming it and hoping that he finds a diamond in the rough. He wants an original feature or pilot script that he could possibly produce and develop, and it’s open to any genre besides horror. Howerton recently produced his first movie, an indie drama called The Wilderness of James from an unknown writer. If you submit, Howerton wants you to send a logline along with your screenplay, and you’re only allowed to submit once. It’s a nice thing Howerton’s doing - giving people a way into a field that can often feel impenetrable - and here’s hoping he isn’t just dogged by unknown writers trying to get him to read their stuff for the rest of his life after doing this.

‘Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton Is Soliciting Scripts […]