Amazon Made a ‘Zombieland’ Pilot is making a big push to develop original comedy shows to air on its streaming service, and the online retailer announced today its highest-profile comedy pilot yet: a TV version of the 2009 hit horror-comedy Zombieland. A Zombieland pilot was originally in development at Fox, but the project moved to Amazon earlier this year. The pilot itself has already been shot and cast, with Kirk Ward taking over Woody Harrelson’s role as Tallahassee, Maiara Walsh as Emma Stone’s Wichita, Izabela Vidovic as Abigail Breslin’s Little Rock, and Tyler Ross as Jesse Eisenberg’s Columbus. Unlike regular TV networks, who throw the pilots they don’t pick up to series away never to be seen again, Amazon will be posting all of its comedy pilots online and choosing which ones to pick up based on how popular they are with viewers. If the makers of the Zombieland pilot could somehow get Bill Murray to reprise his role as “Bill Murray” from the movie, the pilot would definitely get picked up.

Amazon Made a ‘Zombieland’ Pilot