Anthony Jeselnik Draws Criticism for Mocking a Shark Attack Victim on TV

On his new Comedy Central series The Jeselnik Offensive last night, comedian Anthony Jeselnik discussed the recent death of a New Zealand man who was killed by a great white shark and then proceeded to introduce a segment called “Shark Party!” in which he joked around about being excited about the tragedy and held a party to celebrate it while a bunch of ladies dressed as sharks danced with him. New Zealand’s One News reports that the victim’s family (unsurprisingly) was “disgusted” by the segment, which concludes with Jeselnik putting the victim’s photo onscreen and calling him a “son of a bitch.” Being deliberately shocking and offensive and saying things he doesn’t mean to provoke an audience has been Jeselnik’s thing for years, and this bit doesn’t go that much further than previous things he’s said onstage but it lacks the wit of Jeselnik’s finely-crafted jokes and has been drawing a negative response in the media and on YouTube, where the video has gotten an overwhelming amount of thumbs-downs. Do you think Anthony Jeselnik crossed the line? Check the video out for yourself below:

Anthony Jeselnik Draws Criticism for Mocking a Shark […]