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Arthur Newman Trailer: The Many Lives of Colin Firth and Emily Blunt

It’s been a year since Emily Blunt teased Arthur Newman to Vulture. “Two Limeys came in and stole some very American parts,” she said. “We both play social misfits, and Colin is my new favorite person.” Well then. Onto the trailer: Firth’s character is having a crappy life, he’s lost his stuff on the golf course, so he opts to take on a bunch of different identities alongside Emily Blunt. He may or may not be vocally channeling Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Is this a golf movie? Is it hilarious? Serious? Can’t quite tell. But the trailer does its job in intriguing us. Set for April 26, Arthur Newman is Dante Ariola’s directorial debut and the first script by Becky Johnston since 1997’s Seven Years in Tibet.

Arthur Newman Trailer: Firth and Blunt Cavort