Attention Nielsen Families, ‘Happy Endings’ Returns Tonight

After being left off the schedule for two months, ABC’s critically-acclaimed but ratings-starved comedy Happy Endings returns tonight. The network will be airing back-to-back new episodes of the show from 8 to 9 for the next five weeks. Last week, ABC began promoting the show with a “Save Happy Endings” campaign, which isn’t the best sign, but executive producer Jonathan Groff told THR he remains optimistic. “The obvious thing of it is … this is a corporate entity, which has the power to keep us on the air, making a promo asking itself to keep us on the air. But, they knew that. I think behind it, there’s the sentiment that they love the show, and they would love to have it work.” So, get on board and help save Happy Endings by watching tonight, especially if you have a Nielsen box. If you don’t have one like the rest of us, you can still watch but it doesn’t really matter.

Attention Nielsen Families, ‘Happy Endings’ Returns […]