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Ben Vereen Is Totally Down for a Zoobilee Zoo Reunion

Actor Ben Vereen attends the
Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Last night at the opening of Broadway show Breakfast at Tiffany’s, most people were thinking about Holly Golightly. Not Vulture, though. We were thinking about Zoobilee Zoo, the eighties children’s television show about artistically inclined anthropomorphic creatures. We asked Ben Vereen — who played the leopard mayor on the series — if he’d ever consider doing a reunion, and he was enthusiastic. “Yes!” he told us. “You’re the first to talk to me about it. You’re a Zoobaroo! You’re a Zoobaroo!” he said. (That’s the term Mayor Ben had used to welcome viewers to the show.) “I would want everyone in the cast to come back together and talk to the children, talk with them, entertain them, yes.”

This time, though, he’d want things to be slightly different. “I’d like to have it live,” he said, and laughed. “Yes I would. [In an announced voice] Mayor Ben is bringing you Zoobilee Zoo, on the Broadway stage!” Hey, maybe magic and wonder are waiting for you.

Ben Vereen Is Down for a Zoobilee Zoo Reunion