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Last Night on Late Night: Steve Carell, Justin Timberlake Teamed Up With Fake Arms and ‘N Sync Disses

Last night on Late Night, where the great minds of Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin had once floundered armlessly for an imaginary soap opera called Jacob’s Patience, Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake also followed suit (and tie, ha!) as haberdashers. In the sale of a suit and tie to Jimmy Fallon, Steve Carell was quick to point out the “Joseph Fah-to-NAY” and Lance Bass styles, the latter of which “has been in the closet for years.” Justin Timberlake, meanwhile, smothered a smile, bit his lip, and looked up, while still holding onto his fake rubber arms. Plus: Halle Berry fired a come-on right back at Conan and caught him off guard; Jim Carrey showed he has rhythm and huge feet; and Jerry Seinfeld complained. This time, about energy drinks. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Carell, Timberlake: Fake Arms and ’N Sync Disses