Chris Rock Will Write, Direct, and Star in New Movie, ‘Finally Famous’

When Chris Rock performed two surprise shows with Dave Chappelle earlier this week at New York’s famous Comedy Cellar, he mentioned that he wanted to do a tour with Chappelle in the fall once he finishes editing and shooting a new movie. Now, we know that this mysterious movie is, thanks to Showbiz 411 unearthing a casting call for a new project called Finally Famous that Rock will write, direct, and star in. Here’s a description of the plot:

ANDRE ALLEN is a comedian turned film star who, despite the expectations of his millions of fans, is determined to reinvent himself as a “serious” actor. Although his latest pretentiously historical film project is tanking, his upcoming television wedding to pretty, popular reality star, ERICA LONG, is the biggest media event of the year. In the midst of all the frenzy leading up to his televised nuptials, Andre agrees to be interviewed for the New Yorker by CHELSEA BROWN, a gorgeous but no-frills young woman with a sharp intelligence that matches his own. It’s a feisty, funny, no-holds-barred interaction that may well change the course of both their lives

Comedians trying to transition into serious acting is definitely something worth satirizing and something that Chris Rock knows plenty about from seeing his friends attempt to go dramatic and from doing it himself in the 2010 Broadway play The Motherfucker with the Hat, a dark comedy. It sounds like an interesting topic for Rock to tackle and something worthy of holding up this hypothetical Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle stand-up tour.

Chris Rock Will Write, Direct, and Star in New Movie, […]