Craig Ferguson to Release New Stand-Up Special on Netflix March 15th

Craig Ferguson, host of CBS’s The Late Late Show announced via Twitter last week that he’ll be releasing a new hour-long stand-up special on Netflix later this month. Called Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help, this is his third stand-up special, following two that debuted on Comedy Central, 2011’s Does This Need to Be Said? and 2009’s A Wee Bit o’ Revolution. I’m Here to Help makes its Netflix debut on March 15th, continuing the trend of comedians releasing specials straight to the streaming service. It’s pretty impressive that Craig Ferguson is the only late night host who releases his own stand-up specials and that he’s been able to put out a new hour of stand-up every couple years, all while hosting his daily show and publishing the occasional book and all without steam coming out of his head.

Craig Ferguson to Release New Stand-Up Special on […]