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Last Night on Late Night: Drew Barrymore Put Lipstick on Jimmy Fallon

Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon celebrated Drew Barrymore’s new cosmetics line with an adorable game of Russian Rougette. Jimmy smudged eye shadow on Drew, who then dragged lipstick all over Jimmy’s mouth only for Jimmy to take the cake by scribbling all over her face. At least it was a message of love. Plus: Ellen Pompeo rehashed her first meeting with Snoop Dogg (not yet Lion) on the set of Old School. “Well, at first, I thought the trailer was on fire because there was all this smoke coming out.” And Dwayne Johnson, knowing that his confession might blow his masculinity clean off, answered Jay Leno’s question. He has a male crush. And do you know who it might be? Well, do ya, punk? Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Drew Barrymore Put Lipstick on Jimmy Fallon