Stockard Channing and Dallas Roberts Are Returning to The Good Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Vulture has learned that Stockard Channing and Dallas Roberts (The Walking Dead, Rubicon) will be back on The Good Wife for this season’s penultimate episode. When last we saw everyone’s favorite little brother, Owen (Roberts), he was patting Alicia on the back for defending gay rights — while doing a terrible job of protecting her from the arrival of their mother, Veronica (Channing), who needed legal support following the death of her husband. (“They either bore me or die,” explained Veronica. Mom was some goooood times!) Roberts wouldn’t reveal much about the circumstances in which Alicia’s family returns, but he did offer this: “Owen’s back for the weirdest reason. He’s got some different ideas, and I’m finding that challenging and interesting,” he said. “Different ideas” with regard to Alicia’s personal life? “I can’t go too crazy about what it might be, but, uh, yeah, suffice it to say when Owen pops up you’re going to be surprised.”

Channing, Roberts Returning to The Good Wife