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Last Night on Late Night: Craig Ferguson Cursed Out NBC for its Treatment of Community

Last night, The Late Late Show provided a lovely free-for-all platform for Craig Ferguson to say all sorts of things Community-related — from impersonating that green-screened drunkard Joel McHale to cursing out NBC for “abusing” the show (Alison Brie had put him up to this) to talking of Community the movie. And poor Gillian Jacobs, who had filled in for a sick Alison Brie, sat close by, an innocent bystander to both the trash talk and a trombone lesson. Plus: Just minutes before Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Dominic Monaghan, J.J. Abrams had emailed the host about a certain you-know-who’s accident with a brand-new Tesla car in his own driveway — watch Monaghan piece it together. Also, Stephen Colbert selected his guest in the dramatic style of The Bachelor, pitting NYU president and baseball lover, John Sexton, against one expressive author of Awakening the Bird House Within. And finally, James Franco undressed his doll and liked what he saw. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Ferguson Cursed NBC for Treatment of Community