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Last Night on Late Night: James Franco vs. Stephen Colbert: Tolkien Showdown 2

Last night on The Colbert Report, James Franco waged another Lord of the Rings showdown in response to yet another interrogation beat-down — “Now [Oz] is something like you. He’s a Renaissance man; you’re a Renaissance man … Are you also a fraud?” — and got smoked. Stephen, the Tolkien nerd king, still reigns supreme. Plus: Zach Braff’s doppelgänger, Anne Hathaway’s ex-con ex-boyfriend, almost landed the actor in trouble with her dad at the Les Misérables premiere; Lauren Cohan couldn’t stop gushing over her huge celebrity crush, Michael Bolton (but, of course); and Colin Farrell and Conan stroked each other’s hair. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Franco vs. Colbert: Tolkien Showdown 2