Griffin Newman Joins the Cast of John Mulaney’s NBC Pilot

NYC-based stand-up Griffin Newman is the latest actor to be added to the eclectic cast the new NBC pilot The John Mulaney Show, Deadline reports. Newman is joining a cast that includes SNL writer/stand-up John Mulaney, who also created the show, and Martin Short and Elliott Gould. The loosely-autobiographical show stars Mulaney as a young comedian named John Mulaney who writes for a game show. Here’s the official description:

John’s naïve, and often pointless, desire to “be a good person” challenges his friendship with his roommates Jane and Seymour (Griffin Newman). With no real compass in life, Mulaney takes advice from his game-show host mentor Lou (Martin Short), a comic named Motif, and his tough elderly gay neighbor (Elliott Gould).

Newman, whose TV credits include Big Lake, Law & Order: SVU, and most recently, Nikki & Sara LIVE, plays Seymour, who is described as “a weird genius in the body of a dustbowl child.” There’s no word yet on who’s to play the characters Jane or Motif, but given the quality of the rest of the cast, it’ll probably be two more super funny people.

Hit the jump to watch a clip of Griffin Newman doing stand-up a few years ago and another of him on Nikki & Sara LIVE recently:

Griffin Newman Joins the Cast of John Mulaney’s NBC […]