Highlights from Eddie Pepitone’s Reddit AMA

You may know comedian Eddie Pepitone from WTF with Marc Maron, ConanLast Comic Standing, or the brand new documentary that he’s the subject of, The Bitter Buddha. The movie’s playing in select theaters now and available on iTunes, and to promote the film, Pepitone took to Reddit for a question-and-answer session. Easily the best part was a question from comedian James Adomian as Eddie Pepitone’s angrier brother Freddie Pepitone, a character Adomian has performed onstage alongside Pepitone:

Adomian: EDDIE! It’s your estranged brother FREDDIE PEPITONE! Thought you could hide from me? Too bad - I’m VERY active in the Reddit community! I saw that fuckin movie you did and it was VERY insulting to our proud family. I came all the way down from the sugar factory in White Plains where I work an honest American job, to a hip fucking picture theatre they stuck right on the East River - all to see you stink it up like a feature-length metaphor for the decline and degradation of our once-proud nation. God fuck you, you miserable sack of corn syrup! Also, say hi to little sis for me and tell her our falling-out DOES NOT necessarily include her!Pepitone’s response: freddie u r a fucking blight on our nation, our planet and most of all our family. please pick up milk on your way home i’m making us milk balls tonight.Adomian: Your milk balls are slowly poisoning me - they give me GOUT and EMPHYSEMA - but they are HIGHLY tasty treats!

Here are some non-Freddie Pepitone highlights from Eddie Pepitone’s Reddit session:

On his favorite lesser-known comedies:

i love the In Laws with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk, Steve Coogan’s allan partridge, can’t think of others right now…. shit.

On his favorite podcast to appear on:

I’d have to say Dana Gould and Todd Glass!

On improv comedy:

improv is great to a point but it’s only the beginning in one’s comedy career. write!

On whether he’ll ever do a longer episode of his web series Puddin’:

yes there is a long puddin in the works, stay tuned!

On Marc Maron coming off as resentful of him during the documentary:

that’s marc’s way of loving! i think comedians resent each other’s success because it’s so damn competitive and hard that when someone gets some success it hurts.

On how Robin Williams ended up doing episodes of Puddin’:

l.a. i s really a small town. robin saw me perform and dug me and we coaxed him to do it. also patton oswalt helps a lot!

On whether his Conan bits are written or improvised:

the writers there all know me for years and they all write for me. Brian Stack has written the most for me over there. sometime i’ll improvise a little but not much.

On how long it took him to “find his voice”:

it took me 25 years no shit. and i always resist the mainstream but sometimes to my detriment and it is tough as the masses clamor for shit.
Highlights from Eddie Pepitone’s Reddit AMA