Girls Finale: How Long Did Adam’s Romantic Run Probably Take?

Last night’s Girls finale ended with a big ol’ rom-com running scene. Think When Harry Met Sally, but in Brooklyn and without a shirt. Like Adam himself, it was both cute and crazy. But how crazy was it? How much TV magic was necessary to make it seem like a beautiful, dramatic moment? Simply: How long did Adam’s run take? Vulture figured it out.

First, Adam needed to get out of his house, which proved to be slightly more difficult because his broken wooden-ladder thing was in the way. 5 seconds.

Adam lives in Prospect Heights. Hannah lives in Greenpoint. Though both are in Brooklyn, it’s actually quite difficult to get to and from each point, especially late night when there are fewer buses and trains running. Smart enough to know that, Adam started sprinting to the nearest G train station, Clinton-Washington, to avoid having to transfer. The station is about 0.7 miles away from his apartment on St. Johns Place. Considering all of his muscles, we can safely assume that Adam can run a six-minute mile in jeans. So, at that rate, this run would take 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

But Adam isn’t running on a track; he’s running on the active streets of New York, where cars almost hit him and there are stoplights. Let’s say this adds 45 seconds.

Those who live in New York know the G train is famously the worst, least reliable train in the city. Unfortunately, it’s the only train that goes to Hannah’s neighborhood. We can assume Adam’s run happened on a weeknight, because David called Hannah earlier demanding pages and Hannah didn’t say, “Well, let me get you something on Monday.” Based on the MTA website, depending on his luck and what time of night it was, Adam probably had to wait anywhere from five to twenty minutes for a train. Taking this and fate into account, let’s say it took 10 minutes. Plus the time it takes to go from the Clinton-Washington to the Greenpoint Avenue station, where Hannah lives: 15 minutes. (Adam was probably very antsy at this time.)

Luckily, Hannah lives right down the block from the subway stop, so getting there and to her door probably only took 30 seconds.

Of course, Hannah wasn’t going to open the door. And, of course, Adam would just kick it open. This adds an extra 22 seconds.

Add it all up and it took Adam 30 minutes and 54 seconds to get to Hannah. Or it took him zero seconds, because, as he says, he was always there.

How Long Did Adam’s Romantic Run Probably Take?