Ian McKellen Officiating Patrick Stewart’s Wedding

Get ready to be disappointed in every other wedding in the world: Ian McKellen is going to officiate Patrick Stewart’s upcoming nuptials. Suddenly all other ceremonies sound so painfully boring and un-wizardly. “I’m going to marry Patrick,” McKellen joked on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend. Officiate, that is, at Stewart’s wedding to singer Sunny Ozell, which will take place “in the middle of America, somewhere.” McKellen said that he’s officiated before, for two men who got married in the U.K., but that was a little easier because he was able to wear “a rather fetching” white gown he bought in India, whereas now he “mustn’t upstage the bride.” Oh, even the gnarliest of all bridezillas would have to be okay with Ian McKellen upstaging them, no?

Ian McKellen, Wedding Officiant to the Stars