Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day Are Starring in a Thriller Together

SNL’s Jason Sudeikis and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day are branching out into a new genre and starring in their first thriller together. THR reports that Sudeikis and Day have signed on for the lead roles in One Night on the Hudson, which follows a jaded veteran cop and his straight-laced rookie partner as they transport a witness from New Jersey to Manhattan while dealing with criminals, corrupt cops, and the Hudson River. Sudeikis and Day have been working with each other a lot lately, having starred in Horrible Bosses, Going the Distance, two episodes of Always Sunny, and one episode of SNL together. The project reunites Sudeikis and Day with Horrible Bosses’ Seth Gordon, who will also direct One Night on the Hudson from a script by T.J. Fixman. Day, Sudeikis, Gordon, and Jason Bateman recently signed on for Horrible Bosses 2, which will start filming late this summer. I’m assuming they’re gonna make One Night on the Hudson after that, which will probably make Jason Bateman feel left out.

Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day Are Starring in a […]