Jason Woliner’s ‘Je Shirt’ Made Its Way Into ‘The Simpsons’ Last Night

Here’s a still from last night’s new Simpsons episode, which featured one of the characters wearing a “Je Shirt” – the novelty Jay Leno/Che Guevara T-shirt line created by Jason Woliner of Human Giant and Eagleheart fame. The shirt was worn by the host of a Pawn Stars-y show that Homer is watching at the top of the episode. The reference was probably lost on the vast majority of the Simpsons audience but it’s pretty great that Woliner’s novelty T-shirt joke from three months ago has now been immortalized on The Simpsons. I bet this almost makes up for the novelty T-shirt line completely destroying his life.

Jason Woliner’s ‘Je Shirt’ Made Its Way Into ‘The […]