Jeff Richmond Says the ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is ‘Actually Becoming a Thing’

Tina Fey told reporters in January that she was hoping to develop a Mean Girls musical, and now her husband/composer Jeff Richmond revealed to Vulture that “It’s actually becoming a thing!” Richmond added, “We’re taking meetings with people; I’ve profiled Broadway folks, who are talking to us about it. It’s a long process — a year, two years, however long it might take. We watch Smash, so we know how it works!” While none of the play has been written yet, he says they’re working on figuring the structure of the story. “I think there will be a fair amount of songs to move the action forward,” predicts Richmond. “But because Tina’s dialogue in the movie is so funny … we’re going to keep those jokes in there. ‘Fetch’ will be a song, for sure, absolutely. And it will probably reprise itself at some point, just so you know. Gretchen Wieners will have a song.”  So, there’s something to look forward to seeing in 2016, fans of Mean Girls and/or musicals who can afford Broadway tickets!

Jeff Richmond Says the ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is […]