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See Every Absurd Outfit Jennifer Love Hewitt Wears on Season One of The Client List

Photo: Lifetime

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s sex-worker drama The Client List returned last night for its second season. The show’s first season was marked by three things: One, it was extremely popular, regularly pulling in more than 2.5 million viewers. Two, it was weirdly unerotic, despite being about a woman who gives extremely tender, therapeutic hand jobs to paying clients. (That’s JLH, who plays Riley, a Texas woman who’s left with few employment options after her husband ditches her and their two young children.) And three, Riley sported some sometimes absurd clothing. She’s no Olivia Pope, that’s for sure. Journey with us through all of Riley’s cleavage-enhancing tops, ridiculous bra-and-panty getups, and button-down shirts that are very rarely buttoned.

Every Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List Outfit