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Last Night on Late Night: Justin Timberlake Squashed the Beef With Kanye West

Last night launched Justin Timberlake week at Late Night, and Jimmy Fallon took the singer to task for the Kanye West diss that he’d slipped into his performance of “Suit & Tie” on SNL. Timberlake first responded with a perplexed “Who? What? Me?” innocence, then addressed the issue head on. “You know, really, everyone, keep calm … For the record, I absolutely love Kanye, so there’s that.” Your move, Kanye. Plus: Halle Berry confirmed the rumors that she will be playing Storm on X-Men: Days of Future Past — “It’s like family. It’s fun to get back together with Hugh,” she told Jay Leno. And besides, “those residual checks don’t hurt.” Finally, on Conan, Snoop Lion disclosed the contents of his “murse” (man purse). Watch the compilation to see what you missed.

Justin Timberlake Squashed the Kanye West Beef