Kristen Schaal Joins June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate in ABC’s ‘Pulling’

ABC’s adaptation of the British series Pulling is now vying with Andy Samberg’s cop show for the title of “Most Anticipated Comedy Pilot of 2013.” Deadline reports that Kristen Schaal has joined the cast to play one of the three female leads, along with two other super funny actresses/writers, June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate, who were previously announced. Schaal will be playing the role of Louise vacated by Mandy Moore, and yes, her character here has the same name as the Bob’s Burgers character she voices.. Based on the UK sitcom of the same name starring and co-created by Sharon Horgan, ABC’s Pulling pilot follows three 30something women, Donna (Raphael), Karen (Slate) and Louise (Schaal), still trying to figure out their lives. The Office’s Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are developing the show from the original version, with Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) directing the pilot. Given the impressive assemblage of talent here, there’s pretty much no way this  can go wrong.

Kristen Schaal Joins June Diane Raphael and Jenny […]