Let’s Speculate Wildly About This Season-Three Girls Casting Notice

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

(Spoiler warning, sort of.) Did you watch the season finale of Girls and think, Huh, that all resolved itself a little quickly? Did you perhaps wonder when Lena Dunham’s dark, hyperarticulate half-comedy turned into a rom-com? If so, then this season-three casting notice — which calls for various patients, two alcoholics (one with “teased hair,” a “chain-smoking nurse,” a “Latin maintenance-worker type,” and a “Latin social-worker type”) — may answer some of your concerns. More to the point: It looks like someone on Girls is going to rehab. As long as we’re close-reading, we’d say that the obvious candidate for mental-health treatment is Hannah (because of the OCD) but that the alcoholic references probably mean a substance-abuse facility — in which case it might be Adam who’s in trouble? Or maybe Jessa hasn’t been answering her voice mails for a reason? Discuss among yourselves while teasing your hair in preparation. (Or just don’t wash it and then apply to be a hipster, per the comments. Girls always needs hipsters.)

Let’s Speculate About This Girls Casting Notice