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Michelle Shocked Bails on Radio Interview

Michelle Shocked performing live at the 2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 5, 2011.
Photo: Chris Schwegler/Corbis

This past Sunday, at a performance, folk singer Michelle Shocked went on a rant that many are calling anti-gay. You can listen to the whole very-all-over-the-place thing here. Since then, her statement and tweets have been fairly cryptic and very odd. She was supposed to appear on the Internet radio show “Radio or Not” this morning to clarify what happened. So when it was time for her phone interview, the call went straight to voice mail. The host, Nicole Sandler, observed that Shocked had obviously been listening to the live stream, since she was tweeting about it. So after a few unanswered phone calls, Shocked tweeted: “I’ll be here on Twitter right here.” What followed was a full-on Twitter battle, in which Shocked was basically heckling Sandler via Twitter and Sandler occasionally responded while continuing to host her show. Here are some choices tweets:

Here is the radio show:

Obviously nothing was resolved. Let’s hope this is a darkest-before-dawn situation.

Michelle Shocked Bails on Radio Interview